Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reprezent! Volume 3 Cover Project Preview

Hi friends,

I'm working on the next Reprezent! Mixtape cover design and I really don't know which one I will choose to the final release (next week), so if you've any suggestion don't hesitate to post your request, that will help me a lot so thanks in advance for that !! Cheers !

NRA aka Evolution MS


Or again

My first personnal choice was the last one but unfortunaly the colours are not readable and the character is too light... final result next week for Reprezent volume 3


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  1. HEY, A SIMPLE FACT... By posting this post I was not really sure of my cover design work BUT after looking the online version of this post and checking the other mixtapes covers I say, I can choose both of this tree choice, my covers looks awesome ! But mixtapes designers are not knowed as reference in music industry so this is a personal little satifaction but a satisfaction fact anyway... BEEF TO THE CRAPY SHITY DESIGNER and LOVE & RESPECT TO MY FANS !
    NRA aka EVOMS


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