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Checkez ce lien... Emission Plug Tribus spéciale Breakdance ou votre serviteur, aka EVOLUTIONMS, etait journaliste lors du reportage RedBull BCONE...
Enjoy ! Cheers !


"Cross the lines' is a different double conceptual album including only electronic music... Variation of style are from Techno 140 bpm or more to coolest electro tracks or maybe into trash drum n' bass acid rave sounds... There's also some dirty hip-hop beats or dubstep drops but this masterpiece :-) is really brutal and sounding like a alien in discography of EVOLUTION MS.... But I continue to do that kind of tracks regulary so except one day a second chapter or a little brother to this one...



"Lost City' is my last official release avalaible since last september... There's nine tracks from hip-hop to pop rock melodic style with also some crazy vibes EVOMS style. Personaly I believe this is the more mature stuff I've released since my first one in 2006... Download 'Lost City' and dont hesitate to share the links to all your friends (and ennemies :-) ...

Thanx for your support and enjoy the music. Cheers !

Evolution MS

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi friend,

Just to let you know about the release of my first official coast2coast mixtape for

The mixtapes serie name is REPREZENT! and will be featuring original tracks remix and total remix of new and old of my favorite hip-hop artists... First volume tracklist is really eclectic, from Three Six Mafia hot new single to older Busta Rhymes hymn remixed by myself... 23 hot tracks as official introduction in hip-hop mixtapes game... Few original concepts are on progress, so you can except conceptual tapes from me during the next months...

The link for free download will be aded in one or two days for REPREZENT VOL1




Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Back in 2008 with the second full length 'In memory of...' . Strictly a urban music release, all the tracks are fat 'from old school to newschool fat hip-hop beats ! Including also some melodic songs with intense piano parts and tracks like 'The Specialist' or the classic 'In memory of...' track.

The first musicaly release for and from
EVOLUTION MS official discography...



Let me introduce to you my official webpage portfolio as graphic designer... With music production, creating logo, wallpaper, ads, flyers, covers, are the two things I use to do the most of my lifetime...


In this section of the portfolio you'll find some of my favourites and best graphic design works done since my begining in 2005... Some of them are real works for clients, and some others are only created to training myself and for my fun...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKANDAL STREETWEARS UPCOMING PROJECTS:

In this second section, you'll see the EVOLUTION of my own clothing brand SKANDAL TEAM...

First T-Shirts and releases are scheduled for 2010... News will be updated via this blog for more information...


In this third and last part of my graphicdesigner portfolio, OH SURPRISE, as the name can maybe help you to find what it's all about in this part, YES, this is a full concepts and origninal sneakers customisation part ! So if you like nice shoes, you'll enjoy theses wallpapers... :-)


Check this short but really concrete interview, you'll know exactly who I am... ENJOY !


Who’s Evolution MS ?
BRUSSELS beatmaker - producer, in the game since 2005... Not a closed minded musician, I do all what I'd like to listen, underground in your face music but melodic and reprezenting myself 200%... So enjoy and let me know what you do think about my style...

Why this name?
EVOLUTION because I like the word, that's mean going better every day, learn, ... that's also a unwanted thing, we born and we die, since these two days that's just ourselves who can make it interesting... MS: Motherf***ing Style, also a ultra violent gang name ;-)

Do you play live?
I’m looking for my first live performance or DJ sets… I’m ready to do it so if you’ve got opportunities for perform don’t hesitate to ask me about it !

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Personaly I love share my music with a maximum of people for no money… Time are changing what can I say other ? Nothing, simply today we got technology to get in touch worldwide and really start something serious with this great weapon that is internet… 15 years ago, industry abused their releases prizes and more important, they always try to releases real shit music… And in 2009, at a critical point in musical industry crisis, just check the number of shitty albums released day by day that’s impresive and that make me laught everytime when I click on free download button ;-) Would you sign a record contract with a major label? Since october 2009 I’m official member of coast2coast mixtapes DJ coalition, that’s a new step in my carreer and I’m ready to this cool challenge.

Band History:
Before doing sound, I was involved into hardcore and punk rock scene, I was doing a fanzine and after a real magazine avalaible in stores in Belgium during more than two years... But I was a bit alone to do and managing a full magazine (interviews, marketing, advertising, ...) and unfortunaly I didn't receive real feedback from good peoples involved in this musical industry... (only few names, they're all sucks, specialy the majors, and I was only in touch with press relation, that's scarry !) Since 4 years I do a lot of sound all alone by myself, the first year only like that, the second year I do my first real songs, and the last two years I try to learn and get my own producing style... I like to do everything, from hardcore rap to drum n' bass, music film style to reggaton... Experimented and mixing all the kind of stuffs (I've got more than 600 songs in my stock and I still do again and again). 2009 is actualy a good year… Back in January I released a double album of electronic music named ‘Cross the lines’… June I release couple of nice remix and receive lot of positive feedback and return for lot of people. In september I released a brand new E.P. ‘LOST CITY’ including nine great songs. Finally, in October I get signed with DJ Coalition of one of the best mixtapes website worldwide so serious things will start in 2010 for sure and I’m motivated and also excited about it !

Your influences?
I really love a lot of artist from different horizons but one thing is clear I only listen quality music… My influences are from THE GAME, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, 3 SIX MAFIA, SICK OF IT ALL, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, RANCID, PLASTIKMAN, MADBALL, TEARS FOR FEARS, NECRO OR Arkangel (BXL REPREZENT) or THE SPEZIALIZTZ from Germany…

Favorite spot?
BRUSSELS REPREZENT 4 LIFE… My other favorites spots are AMSTERDAM, PARIS, LONDON, MAASTRICHT,… But I’m sure NY’C and L-A are cool too héhé…

Equipment used:
My heart, my voice, a 25 EMU Midi Controler and some samples, ... I’m official a ABELTON LIVE addict, for me that’s simply the best MAO software avalaible today. Soon I’ll buy probable NI Maschine, it looks great for music production.


Released one month ago, 'LOST CITY EP' is the latest official EP from EVOLUTION MS...

Nine tracks including 'Beef that song' and also some melodic-eclectic tracks from Brussels Artist-Beatmaker.


Great news !!! Evolution M.S. join officialy the DJ coalition of COAST2COASTMIXTAPES.COM ! This is one of the biggest and respected hip-hop mixtapes website, including releases from the best and hotest artists (from superstars like the Game to only instrumental mixtapes or again special featuring independent artists, or only exclusive songs,... Really, this is a great place to download daily mixtapes for FREE...

So, during the next months, except a lot of stuffs from EVOLUTION MS... First tape is scheduled for November, and monthly mixtapes concept will be available on more than 1000 hot hiphop websites worldwide and also right here on this blog page (and probably in advance just because I love my blog readers !! :-) )

I'm looking for goods MC's or exclusive remix, or simply exclusive acapellas... So if you think you can help me and want to work with me on this project, keep in touch and mail me :

Thanks in advance for your support and your help !!! Cheers !


Like every artist EVOLUTION MS is also active on MYSPACE.COM... This was my first own artist webpage and after using some other music services doing the same kind of stuff, I can say that MySpace is a good - established - comunauty where you can get in touch with people from around the world in two click (click...)...


EVOLUTION MS Reverbnation artist page is good place to listen and download a lot of latests and previous tracks from my complete discography for free...

This is a nice music comunauty, really helpfull cause there's a lot of different services avalaible to manage every aspect of promotion, distribution, marketing,... You can also create cool widgets to let know everybody about your musical talent (if you got one haha...).


Hi everybody,

Welcome to the official blog page of EVOLUTION M.S. ... You'll find here a lot of news, free downloads, cool links, ... Absolutely everything about EVOLUTION MS !

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info or simply if you want to collaborate with me by booking live concert or dj act... Or if you want let me know what you do think about my music 'EVOLUTION'... You can send me a mail on

Enjoy this blog ! Cheers - Respect from Brussels !

Arnaud aka EVOLUTION M.S. (Motherfucking Style)

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