Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reprezent! - Respect your roots - Mixtape of the day

Hi friends,

I'm starting by this message, a new activity in EVOLUTION MS official blogspot page... Each and every week, I will try to post a selection of free mixtapes I loved to listen days, months or years ago... This is only my selection from the mixtapes avalaible for free download or streaming via website like datpiff, coast2coast and others. A kind of tribute to the artist who inspirated me or simply make me feel good by listening their mix... Enjoy, comment and share these links to all your friends and enemies...
Cheers & repsect




Back in my first hip-hop days, in 2004 with this marsterpiece for every fan of 2PAC worldwide... More than a simple tribute to pac, this mixtape give something really special by releasing this duo mixtapes including classic and rare material from the best MC of all the time. A great work from DJ MELLO associated this time with DJ CINEMA, 23 tracks who will make yourself feel really good from track 1 to the 23th and final song of the mixtape... Maximum respect to their great work... Enjoy !

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Listen right now:

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