Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 24 December 2009

AtariCoolKids Present: Travis Barker – It’s Me Against The World (November 2009)

The AtariCoolKids release an un-official Travis Barker mixtape featuring a collection of his well-known remixes. Including all the hip-hop tracks remixed by Blink 182 / Transplants drums masster : Travis Barker (the favorite drummer of my bro Skam, so this mixtape post is for him, merry christmas bro :-)
Enjoy this great album and merry christmas to all of you !
Cheers & peace !

NRA aka Evolution MS


1. Playaz Circle “Duffle Bag” Feat Lil Wayne [TRVS Remix]
2. Game “Dope Boys” [TRVS Remix]
3. Jay-Z “Jockin Jay-Z” [TRVS Remix]
4. Drake “Forever” Feat Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem [TRVS Remix]
5. Rich Boy “Throw Some D’s” [TRVS Remix]
6. Baby “Stuntin Like My Daddy” Feat Lil Wayne [TRVS Remix]
7. Eminem “3AM” [TRVS Remix]
8. Slaughter House “The One” Feat Bun-B [TRVS Remix]
9. Flo-rida “Low” [TRVS Remix]
10. Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” [TRVS Remix]
11. Rihanna “Umbrella” Feat Jay-Z [TRVS Remix]
12. Shwayze “Get U Home” [TRVS Remix]
13. Busta Ryhmes “Don’t Touch Me” [TRVS Remix]
14. Pharrell “In My Mind” [TRVS Remix]

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