Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 28 February 2010

Wiz Khalifa - The High (March 2010)

Brand new mixtape from Wiz Khalifa presented by Fire Mixtapes... Nice cover artwork for a nice mixtape from fresh n hot MC... Good deal, you've to download it asap héhé...
Cheers & respect !

Arn-O aka Evolution MS


Wiz Khalifa – Intro – The High
Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever
Wiz Khalifa – Say Ahh Remix
Wiz Khalifa – Kush Visions
Wiz Khalifa – Smoker Face
Wiz Khalifa – Sweat Box
Wiz Khalifa – Material
Wiz Khalifa – Exclusive Freestyle
Wiz Khalifa – Fly
Wiz Khalifa – Too Late
Wiz Khalifa – Shame
Wiz Khalifa – Told Yall
Wiz Khalifa – The Set
Wiz Khalifa – Time Goes
Wiz Khalifa – The Pass
Wiz Khalifa – Lookin Out
Wiz Khalifa – Ashes
Wiz Khalifa – Get Sum
Wiz Khalifa – Make Believe
Wiz Khalifa – Poppin
Wiz Khalifa – Ride
Wiz Khalifa – Soldier
Wiz Khalifa – We Run LA da Remix

Direct download link:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Profile Playlist by EVOLUTION MS

Profile Playlist by EVOLUTION MS


I've uploaded 7 new tracks from upcomming REPREZENT! mixtapes and also 2 original tracks from my solo album coming this year ...
So check that you'll not be disapointed by these 'kick ass' tracks haha !!!
Cheers !



Hi boys & girls,

Today I create a new myspace artist profil page for the promotion of - Reprezent! Mixtapes Serie" - ... So please, check the link bellow to listen, download and post a comment on this new page... Show your love :-)

Cheers & see ya soon !



Friday, February 26, 2010

Image Line Download Center Link

Basicaly my first idea was not to post the link on my blogpage... One week ago I was talking about Music stuff with my lil bro Alex (16 years old) and talk about how use his computer in a interesting and funny way... Sony Acid X-Press Studio, FL Studio, Google Earth or Google Sketch Up are few exemples or what you can find for free on the internet so here's a first link (if you're not allready know and got it in your ownlinks list héhé...).

So, like that, I hope you'll enjoy this cool link and start make some noize with Slayer2 or Poizon synth... and after some practice, you'll join my mixtapes DJ-Producer Team haha... I don't use personaly FL Studio but his VST collection is definitively a great and usefull tool do produce some tracks... So enjoy and share this link... Cheers !



Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 26 February 2010

CTI RADIO VOLUME 4 Hosted by NU JERZEY DEVIL (February 2010)

Here's cool mixtape hosted by one of my favourite producer active in the game (with THE GAME HeHeHe HaHaHa !!)... This is probably not the best mixtape you'll find on my blog but it's hot it's fresh and you can listen it just for your fun my friends so enjoy it !!!
Cheers !

Mo Money [Arizona's Mixtape King] brings you Corporate Tapes Inc. Radio Vol. 4 hosted by Nu Jerzey Devil Hit me up at Or




Thursday, February 25, 2010



Introducing Texas hottest rookie Yung Texxus teaming up with DJ Whitley to release this first volume of 'THE HEART OF TEXAS'. Like the title say it, the content of this mixtape with only tracks from artists coming from TX so ... And in adition of knowed and respected MC's like Paul Waull or legendary DJ Screwww, we can say that Texas area is also the state of Yung Texxus, a name you've to got on your mind !

Enjoy !


Direct download link:

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 25 February 2010


A other good and fresh new mixtape from a new project coming from North Carolina called 'Coup d'Etat'... Supporting and produced by DJ Green Lantern and Blackflag Records, Coup d' Etat first full length is promoting in a heavy way by the good idea to release it for free via internet hip-hop network. So enjoy the 30 tracks including in this street album and don't hesitate to share it !

Cheers !


Reprezent! Free Mixtape Of The Day 25 February 2010


Here's a new cool mixtape released few days ago from promissing MC of moment...
A perfect deal to know more about artist YUNG LA with these 26 tracks mixed by DJ Infamous and Don Cannon. A good shit, you've to check it...
Enjoy ! Cheers !



01. Yung L.A. – Leland Speaks 1
02. Yung L.A. – Crush Da Block
03. Yung L.A. Ft. J. Futuristic & Young Woo – Bigger Than Life
04. Yung L.A. – L Dot A
05. Yung L.A. – Leland Speaks 2
06. Yung L.A. – Yes He Did
07. Yung L.A. – I Got Money
08. Yung L.A. – Bird Fly
09. Yung L.A. Ft. Young Dro – Everywhere
10. Yung L.A. – Grand Hustle Family Shoutout
11. Yung L.A. – Damn
12. Yung L.A. – Da Label
13. Yung L.A. – All Yall Jaw
14. Yung L.A. Ft. Lito, J. Futuristic & Yo Gotti
15. Yung L.A. Ft. Gucci Mane – Everything
16. Yung L.A. Ft. Big Kuntry & Yo Gotti – Lean
17. Yung L.A. – Leland Speaks 3
18. Yung L.A. – Peaches
19. Yung L.A. Ft. BG, TC, Bun B. & Gorilla Zoe – Money
20. Yung L.A. Ft. Young Dro & Big Kuntry – Damn I Look Good
21. Yung L.A. – I Am
22. Yung L.A. – How I Growed Up
23. Yung L.A. – Don’t It
24. Yung L.A. – Leland Speaks 4
25. Yung L.A. – Crush
26. Yung L.A. Ft. Yung Ralph – 360

Direct download link:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reprezent! Volume 4 (February 2010 Edition) - Latest version uploaded

Evolution MS - Reprezent! Volume 4 (February 2010 Edition) V.3.0
For the last time, the 4th volume of Reprezent! mixtapes serie is uploaded on so if you don't have listen it yet, please check it right here or on the datpiff page... Thanx in advance for your support !
By the way, the march edition will be uploaded next week and once again the mixtape will be great... Lot of good & dirty music :-)
Enjoy & share it !!! (I need your help to promote it so thanx in adv for that !!!)

Cheers & Respect!


News: The Game & Travis Baker

Hi friends,

This post about the first upcomming solo album from Blink 182 - Transplants & also hip-hop producer Travis Barker... The Game will team up once again on a track...


Drummer and Blink 182 member Travis Barker has revealed to that he has secured a number of Hip Hop artists for his debut solo album.

When Blink 182 took a break from music several years ago, Barker began to work with a number of artists in the Hip Hop community and his penchant for Hip Hop will be quite clear when his album is released. Game, Beanie Sigel, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross are just a few of the artists who will be featured on Barker’s solo album.

"I'm not singing or being an emcee or anything," Barker told "Over the last five years, when Blink wasn't around, I played a lot by myself or did a whole bunch of stuff with just me. Whether I was playing with T.I. or doing whatever, it just opened another world for me."

It is still unclear what Barker’s solo album will be titled or when it will be released.

"I'm rounding it out right now," said Barker. "I just love music. The more I can be around it the better, so with my album it's no one genre. It goes from everything from punk rock to Hip Hop to some electro stuff on there to a metal song with Corey Taylor from Slipknot. It's been really fun and interesting up till now."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cypress Hill 'Rise Up' Artwork & tracklist

And to continue with Cypress Hill, here's the artwork of 'Rise Up' freshly posted on DJ Muggs blog... Check the link below to get more info about this futur classic album of 2010 who will be released on april 6th on Priority Records...

1. It Ain’t Nothin’ ft. Young De
Produced by B-Real
2. Light It Up
Produced by Pete Rock
3. Rise Up ft. Tom Morello
Produced by Tom Morello & B-Real
4. Get It Anyway
Produced by Jim Jonsin
5. Pass The Dutch ft. Evidence & Alchemist
Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil
6. Bang Bang
Produced by B-Real
7. K.U.S.H
Produced by Sick Jacken & B-Real
8. Get ‘Em Up
Produced by B-Real
9. Carry Me Away ft. Mike Shinoda
Produced by Mike Shinoda
10. Trouble Seeker ft. Daron Malakian
Produced by Daron Malakian
11. Day Destroys the Night ft. Everlast
Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil
12. I Unlimited
Produced by B-Real
13. Armed & Dangerous
Produced by Jake One & B-Real
14. Shut ‘Em Down ft. Tom Morello
Produced by Tom Morello & B-Real
15. Armada Latina ft. Marc Anthony and Pitbull
Produced by Jim Jonsin

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 23 February 2010

BUN-B "No Mixtape" (February 2010)

Just before the upcomming release of the next Cypress Hill full album release for Priority Records next month, Bun-B has released a new mixtape you've to listen asap absolutely...

This tape included 26 tracks from freestyles to hot new songs released weeks ago... Only quality music once again, for the fans and everybody... Enjoy !

Direct Datpiff Link:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape of The Day 22 February 2010

DJ Drama present BOB aka Bobby Ray

Back after one week of snow and ski with my brothers, I'm impressed by the progression of Atlanta Mc's BOB aka Bobby Ray... So that's why I choose this mixtape as free mixtape of the day (today)... 15 tracks including hit single 'Fuck the money' produced by Kayne West... Just for this great track you've to download thix mixtape... So enjoy this 2010 future Rookie of the year and see ya soon for a other free stuff !

Cheers !


Friday, February 12, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Clip of the Day 13 February 2010

Latest clip I choose for this introduction to DMS CREW Familia, a video from Danny Diablo (Skarhead singer hip-hop project) from his latest album released on Sub Noize famous label...

All that to annonce to all of you, the future official collaboration of DMS crew bands with myself
 aka Evolution MS for a full mixtape release during the next months... More info will be post soon but I'm so proud of this collab that I've to say that somewhere so here we are héhé....

Enjoy this clip & see ya soon !

NRA aka Evolution MS

Reprezent! Selection Clip of the Day 12 February 2010

Again a DMS Crew band, this time with thughcore finnest aka SKARHEAD... After long silence, they're back with a killa album on I Scream Records (big up to my friend Laurens !)... D.F.F. is the first 'single' from their new release... Enjoy and let's KDS your house haha !!!
Cheers !


Reprezent! Selection Clip of the Day 11 February 2010

Second video for you today... Freddy Cricien (Madball singer) and DJ Stress just released their second cd and this is official video of  track 'Y Que' (in spanish)... One of my favorite record since his release few months ago... Enjoy !

Cheers !

Reprezent! Selection Clip of the Day 10 February 2010

Hi Friends,

Today, I introduce to hip-hop fans some clips from bands from legendary DMS Crew (New-York Hardcore Reprezent!)...
The first one is a track of Skam Dust, so to all the rapers who claiming they wanna rock and release tracks without any rock influence, check that and try to learn from this great band who can combine in a perfect way massive guitars and fat beats... Enjoy !

NRA aka Evolution MS

SKAM DUST "Godz Of War" Video Feat.Danny Diablo & Ceekay Jones


MySpace Music Videos

Thursday, February 4, 2010

V.A. Reprezent! Volume 4 (February 2010 Edition)

Evolution MS present Reprezent! Volume 4 (February 2010 Edition)

Hi everybody !!

The fourth volume of Reprezent! Mixtapes is online since few minutes so please when you've got five minutes of your time please go check these 22 hot-new killa tracks...
Including latest singles promo from Lil Jon & LFAO, Omarion & Gucci Mane, Brisco & Lil Wayne, Diggy Simons (Rev Run Son), Adam F & Methodman, Akenathon & Hocus Pocus, Jay-Z,
 Krave feat Pitbull - Lil Jon & Florida...
Only good shits remixed in a dirty style as well so I hope you'll enjoy my work and share it to a maximum of people around the world !! Cheers & thanx in advance for your support !!

ARNO aka Evolution MS

Direct link to download this mixtape for free:

Listen it here:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape Of The Day 3 february 2010

KID CUDI - Cuddierisback (official mixtape February 2010)

This is hot & this is fresh, this is brand new mixtape of Kid Cudi released today online !! Including 23 songs from the Clevland native MC... You'll find track I've remixed in my Reprezent! latest edition 'Cudderisback', and personaly I believe my version is definitively much better than this original version (too light...). Enjoy this mixtape !

Download here:

Listen here:

V.A. REPREZENT! VOL4 (February 2010 Edition) by New singles of Cypress Hill, AdamF - Uploaded by: evolution ms - @EVOLUTIONMS

Hi friends,

I've uploaded Reprezent! Volume 4 on multi place so here is one first link to check this great great new mixtape hosted and remixed by myself aka EVOLUTIONMS

Thanx for your support !!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Free Mixtape of The Day 2 February 2010

Tapemasters Inc Present Young Money Millionaire VOL.3

Back in april 2007 with this perfect mixtape hosted by one of the most active provider in hip-hop music scene aka  Tapemasters Inc.
At this releasetime, the number one crew in today rap game was not at the same level but here are some explaination about their amazing succès during the last two years...
Including 35 tracks from freestyles to unreleased to singles and knowed songs from the NewOrlean based collective founded by Lil Wayne...
Enjoy this mixtape !

Listen here:

Profile Playlist by EVOLUTION M.S. (Motherfucking Style)

Profile Playlist by EVOLUTION M.S. (Motherfucking Style)



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