Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My friends,

Once again I publish a bad news as daily post with a other tragedy with the death of Type O Negativr's singer PETER STEELE (he died the day of my 29th birthday, 5 days ago !-). Just like for the announcement of the lost of Guru yesterday, I'm really sad about this other one 2... For me Type O Negative is and will be forever the remaining of two cold shows during their world tour (the first during october rust tour and the second one four year after but still in december at Ancienne Belgique/Brussels... Funny stuff about it, is that I've won my 2x2 tickets by phone on a FM Radio contest in 'Rock à gogo' (JDPierpont / Radio 21) and the two events where really nice. The band was playing really loud and their massive dark-metal with slow parts sounds so agressive during these two shows... At the end of their live show Type O Negative use to let it snow the concert location lookin like angelic phenomenal into dark music backrounded... Yeah I know Peter Steele more than Guru (but no one of these two are favourite arrists or something really special for me)... But as real music fan, I'm touched by these announcements and the lost of these two great performers I growed up with during my teenager years and after. So once again RIP dear Peter ... Hope you'll become friend with Guru and let's start a RAPDARKMETAL project togheter... LOVE !


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