Thursday, April 29, 2010

Official mixtape releases for first part of MAY by EVOLUTION MS

V.A. Reprezent! Special Edition: HEADBANGERSBALL VOLUME 1

As real rock fan, I've to release this conceptual - special edition of Reprezent! Mixtapes Serie... This first edition of HEADBANGERSBALL is a great collection of the best rock tracks remixed by EVOLUTION MS (some released in Reprezent! mixtapes or new exclusive tracks specialy produced for this release by EVOLUTION MS). 20 dirty rock tracks but no more info about can be published yet :-)
See ya around the 10th of May to download or stream this cool mixtape !


V.A. Summer Selecta (released first week of may)
Second special edition of Evolution MS mixtapes with a 20 tracks selection of the most hottest reggae, dancehall, reggaetown, latino music, ... you can dream about. Including latest singles of Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Capelton, Bounty Killer, Jr Reid, Cypress Hill ... The ideal sountrack to prepare your first summer's barbecue or other home parties... and if you're not party people but only smoking men (like me), this mixtape is also great when you smoke ash or weed 2 haha !!


VA HOT N FRESH VOLUME 3 (MAY 2010 Edition)

Once again with this monthly mixtape release you'll got simply the 25 best RAP promo tracks released during the last 30 days... Including Young Jeezy, B.o.B., Richie Rich & Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Rick Ross, Yung Dro ... Only quality music ('cause music isn't bullshit !).

Avalaible online tomorrow 30th April 2010

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