Monday, January 17, 2011

Reprezent! Selection Free Tape Of The Day 18th January 2011 part 1


01.Mass Payne 4 (M.P.4.) – Intro
02.The L.O.X. (feat. Eazy E.) – Make Endz (Massive Trip BLND)
03.Styles P. (feat. Bully) – Nite Falls (Massive Trip BLND)
04.Styles P. (feat. Sheek Louch) – Listen To My Hard Beat (Massive Trip BLND)
05.Sheek Louch – Verse Of The Year (Massive Trip BLND)
06.Styles P. (feat. Sheek Louch & Bully) – Funk Master Flex Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
07.ST.Raw (feat. Styles P. & Sheek Louch) – Can’t Stop The Profet (Massive Trip RMX-BLND)
08.Snyp Life (feat. Busta Rhymes, Styles P., & Bully) – Go Low (Massive Trip BLND)
09.A.P. (feat. Styles P.) – Be Cautious (Massive Trip BLND)
10.Styles P. (feat. Jadakiss) – Going In For The Kill (Massive Trip BLND)
11.Jadakiss (feat. Sheek Louch) – Who’s Gona Drive You Home (Massive Trip BLND)
12.Styles P. – Favorite Drug (Massive Trip BLND)
13.Jadakiss – Never Gona Dance Again (Massive Trip BLND)
14.Sheek Louch (feat. Styles P.) – Silence Like Lasagna (Massive Trip BLND)
15.Jadakiss – Trafficking (Massive Trip BLND)
16.Styles P. – Blow Purple (Massive Trip BLND)
17.The L.O.X. – Blow Mad Izm (Massive Trip BLND)
18.Styles P. – Problem On A Fine Night (Massive Trip BLND)
19.Styles P – M7 (Massive Trip BLND)
20.Snyp Life (feat. A.P., Large Amount, Jadakiss & Juwelz Champaign) – Coach Of The Year (Massive Trip BLND)
21.Styles P. (feat. Talib Kweli) – Told You, Feel Me (Massive Trip BLND)
22.The L.O.X. – Wet Mattress (Massive Trip BLND XTENDED)
23.Jadakiss (feat. Clipse) – Warriors Drum (Massive Trip RMX-BLND)
24.Styles P. (feat. Keri Hilson & Drag-On) – Other Shit (Massive Trip RMX)
25.The L.O.X. – Slow Down (Massive Trip BLND)
26.Styles P. (feat. Jadakiss) – So Appalled (Massive Trip BLND (Over Queen Samples))
27.The L.O.X. – Heat On Stash (Massive Trip BLND)
28.Jadakiss – Lay Em Down (Massive Trip BLND)
29.Styles P. – To Hell I Send Thee (Massive Trip BLND)

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