Thursday, May 5, 2011


Please check this track 37th / more 4000 on DNB chart, bit surprising but I'm real player so be cool & check this honnest song :

Destruct the rules (Drum N Bass)

And here's my profil interview updated :

Why this name?
EVOLUTION because I like the word, that's mean going better every day, learn, ... that's also a unwanted thing, we born and we die, since these two days that's just ourselves who can make it interesting...
MS: Motherf***ing Style, also a ultra violent gang name lol ... a kind of use & play the good & the bad in my band name (not really a marketing strategy at all 2 ... just a name who sounds different from others DJ's or old (& not cool) WWF ring superstars ... (& why not Big Poppa Pump or Ultimate Warrior... only one really cool is HBK Heartbeak kid lol !).
Do you play live?
Yes I'm allready for doing live performance or simply be DJ... Just ask me and let's go !
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There's music before & after internet no doubt about that ... Not only on a business point but on each & every aspect this industry can know & imagine... On a general way, industry players had not other choice to be (try to be) updated & use the technology to continue their existence & can construct a future... Difference between urban-hiphop-rap industry & the other musical styles are also totaly different about the way they choice to work on the web... By becoming mixtape DJ I learn the powerfull strategy used to push a (hot) artist on the next level (top). Now alternate free & official releases avalaible for $$$ isn't easy and lot of mixtape buzz can't sale enough to become serious ... but sales isn't only way to generate money from music & labels-A&R know that more than us & are good about that... On a personnal artistic point, I've to say THANXXX 3000x to internet, imagine, from my belgian home since 15months I worked hard 24/7 showcased my mutli talent with quality work on major networks & today I'm near to realize my dream, touch my goal by becomming respected music producer
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not a exclusive contract more looking for some but high quality business partners (from some major labels & good independents + few tv-movie specialised agency lol...).
Band History:
My artist name is Evolution MS... I started releasing music since 2006. At this time I was oriented like artists like Basement Jaxx or Chemical Brothers... During my first years I released as solo artist 2 LP and 2 EP but it was confidential but people from all accross the world give me positive feedback about my musical style (the most famous is the positive review from BBC Talent team for 4 tracks of 'Lost City E.P.' ...).
In November 2009 I started new musical activity as mixtape DJ by joining Coast2Coast DJ's...Untill this time I involved myself 100% into american hip-hop music by promoting, remixing, artists from underground to the top...
A good oportunity to get connected with urban music industry (from artists, to djs, community, labels, management....). But I'm still looking to get on next step but to do it I really need management or joining big DJ's structure. But I'm so motivated about that and involved myself 24/7 to produce & release the best music I can than I'm pretty sure I'll do it ! (I believe in my music 200%) so ... Keep in touch if you want collaborate with me in a way or a other, you're welcome ! CHEERS & RESPECT FROM BRUSSELS !
Your influences?
TOP 10 Artists
Favorite spot?
BRUSSELS but more than sure I'll enjoy visit lot of american hoods (priority ATL-MIAMI-LA-NYC-... ).
Equipment used:
My heart, my voice, a 25 EMU Midi Controler, some hot samples, lot of cool vst ...
& finalise my work with the best software worldwide ... the one & only Abelton Live !
Anything else...?
my links off course:


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