Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reprezent! Selection Free Tape Of The Day 7th May 2011 part 2

Second tape you've to check today, a special I-20 hosted by cool german homie DJ NOIZE, so hope you'll like it & will make some noise about it !! lol ....



Smash Camp and Disturbing Tha Peace present

DJ Noize comes up with a "Mixed & Destroyed" Special Edition. This special mixtape is all about DTP artist and Ludacris protégé I-20. "Interstate Trafficking" features brand new tracks by 20 with productions by Buckwild, Salaam Remi, DJ Pain, The Heatmakerz, Dirty Dunnz and Trakk Sounds. Besides new songs featuring Ludacris, Freeway, Roccett and others, Noize also added some classic tracks to give people a heads up where I-20 comes from. The dealer is back!

01. I-20 - Intro
02. Ludacris - Move Bitch (ft I-20) (Classic!)
03. I-20 - Gorilla Shit (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
04. Young Keno - Real Nigga Society (Remix) (ft I-20, Joe Moses, Mr. Smith and Roccett)
05. I-20 - Don't Blame Me (Prod by DJ Pain)
06. I-20 - King Hustler (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
07. I-20 - Break Bread (ft Bone Crusher and Ludacris) (Classic!)
08. I-20 - My Swag (ft Ludacris) (Prod by The Heatmakerz)
09. I-20 - Work (Prod by Buckwild)
10. I-20 - 100 Percent (Prod by DJ Pain)
11. I-20 - Critics (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
12. I-20 - We Got (Classic!)
13. I-20 - Bout The Money
14. I-20 - Fightin In The Club (Classic!)
15. I-20 - I Really Like Her (ft Ludacris and Rocko)
16. Ill Child - Oh Yeah (ft I-20)
17. I-20 - Freestyle
18. I-20 - Bury Me (Prod by Salaam Remi)
19. Ghetto the Plug - Anything (ft I-20 and Jacki-O)
20. I-20 - Riding Around (ft Ludacris)
21. I-20 - Life Is Short (ft Freeway, Dox Diggla and Goga) (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
22. I-20 - The Eulogy (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
23. I-20 - Outro
24. I-20 - Dreamer (Prod by Trakk Sounds) (Bonus Track)

Download/Listen here:

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