Monday, December 13, 2010

Evolution MS presents Ticket 4 Hell

EVOLUTION MS presents TICKET 4 HELL (instrumental-coneptual mixtape)

After the online release of 'The fire Sessions Vol1' & the more recent beef answer mixtape 'So Fucking What ?', european EVOLUTION MS is back with a other personal project... This time the mixtape name is 'Ticket 4 Hell' and contains this time 15 songs produced these past weeks and days. This conceptual mixtape is destined to showcase the diversity and the open mind vision of EVOLUTION MS (A.Asselberghs) about modern music, with all the different good vibes we can hear here and there, imposssible to limitated myself in a single musical way, so some of these tracks reflect this feeling 100% and maybe for some other I'll had to work on the song concept to get finaly the massive result I try to got when I'm working in my own studio... Enjoy this tape, post your comment & re-share it to your friends, thankx in advance for your support ! Cheers from Brussels !


Listen it here:

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