Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evolutionms's Profile @

Evolutionms's Profile @

"I'm screwed up by haters on Datpiff !!! Just check my latest tapes rating...

That's bullshit but I work and involved myself too much to don't thinking about that but in fact by giving 2 stars to my tapes I see that like making me become a under 50% quality DJ and I'm not OK with that at all !!!!! Do not except mixtapes from myself untill I can promote my mixtape in good condition (To maybe get a chance to turn PRO I nee to continue my own DJ progression like each other ...

If you want work with me in a way or a other keep in touch... I'm still motivate to release great mixtapes but only in good situation... I feel too much alone right now to continue this shit !

Thanx to all my friends & supporters... CHEERS to all of you !

See ya soon maybe !

Arn-O / Evolution MS


And I know who's responsable of this situation

This guy had multi profil so don't make bizz with tha mothafucka plz !!!!!!!

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