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TOP 5 DJ's Coalitions

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Here's a article from a Coast2Coast mixtapes special Blogpage about music industry...
This is about DJ's coalition, who are the best in the game ... So check that if you're interested about this COOL business :-)
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DJ Coalitions have always been a staple of the music industry, mostly for behind the scenes. A record literally can NOT be broken to major airplay without the assistance of the DJs and by association, the DJ coalitions. In today’s industry, the DJ is ever more important as a fragmented industry has to be unified by the DJs and major tastemakers to bring records to the masses like they once were. The DJ represents all that is left of the traditional music industry, as power has shifted to the consumers from major labels, radio and distributors.

1. Core DJs – The Core DJs are probably the most widely known DJ coalition in the world headed by national mixshow director Tony Neal. The Core DJ Retreat also represents an annual industry event that is a must attend.
2. Coast 2 Coast DJs – Represent over 750 DJs that do mixtapes as well as the Coast 2 Coast All Star Radio DJs
3. Hittmenn DJs – Highly influential group of DJs, mostly located in the south region now just expanded to Hittmenn West
4. Bumsquad DJs – Large group of Radio DJs headed by Latin Prince
5. Shadyville DJs – Shadyville DJs have a short but highly effective list of top DJ talent, the group is headed by DJ Whoo Kid of 50 Cent fame.

Also See:

* Fleet DJs - The FLEET DJS are an amazing mix of on air radio talent and mixtape gritty djs ready to break the next best artist in their city or in their hood. DJ Klassik and DJ Profulent started building their organization in early 2006 without any thought of it being a DJ crew.
* Hood Hard DJs - Headed by DJ Aaries with the slogan “TEAMWORK Makes The DREAM WORK..!!”
* Southern Style DJs
* Slip N Slide DJs


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