Friday, July 16, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Of The Day - Free mixtape of the day 16 July 2010

DJ Haze - USA Today (Mixtape)

New tape from DJ HAZE... The tittle 'USA Today' had no connexion with YOUNG JEEZY (!!!) so if like me you was thinking about a Jeezy one that's not the reality... This is pure various artists including few tracks from DRAKE, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Nu Jerzey Devil, Juice and also few new artists... Honnest but definitively not the most impressing mixtape released by DJ HAZE.... 3/5
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# 1.USA Today-01-01.Dj Haze ft. Mysonne – GoonTro (Prod by. Dj Haze & Riles)
# 2.USA Today-02-02.Drake – Somebody Remind Me
# 3.USA Today-03-03.Drake ft. Rich Boy – To The Floor
# 4.USA Today-04-04.Rick Ross ft. Raekwon – Audio Meth
# 5.USA Today-05-05.Fabolous – I Ain’t In Love
# 6.USA Today-06-06.Fabolous – Mister Crooker
# 7.USA Today-07-07.Jim Jones ft. Duane Darock – Make Ya Body
# 8.USA Today-08-08.Nu Jerzey Devil ft. Dominic – Cali Life (Prod by. Dj Haze)
# 9.USA Today-09-09.Juice ft. Robsawne & Mysonne – Early 80s (Remix)
# 10.USA Today-10-10.Nu Jerzey Devil ft. Ka$h & K-miz – Krush Groovin
# 11.USA Today-11-11.Mysonne – Speaking In Tounges
# 12.USA Today-12-12.Nu Jerzey Devil ft. Mysonne – Who Let The Goons Loose
# 13.USA Today-13-13.Kanary Diamonds – Brand New
# 14.USA Today-14-14.Craze Colon – I Gets Busy
# 15.USA Today-15-15.Jimmie Hoffa – Ha Ha
# 16.USA Today-16-16.Nuchi (Street Grind) – Flatbush Hustlin
# 17.USA Today-17-17.KingBam (Street Grind) – Money The Motive
# 18.USA Today-18-18.MV Double L – Street Lyrics


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