Monday, May 3, 2010

GUMPBALL 3000 Edition 2010 LONDON - NYC in

DJ MUGGS & BUN-B participated this year with a Porsche Cayenne to the most extreme rally car race worldwide aka the legendary GUMBALL RALLY... This year the challenge is particulary complex, the race starts from London to finished in New-York City streets (don't ask me how they do for the small part of Ocean between Europe & US but... lol). We say good luck to all the crazy guys who choose to pay to do this crazy stuff and hope they're all will be alive at the end of these 6 days of race & party !
Cheers !



Their ride for the rally – Porsche Cayenne

Muggs is participating in the Gumball 3000 Rally again this year. Driving with team Puma along with Bun B and Estevan Oriol they will start today in London, England to end the rally in 7 days in New York City. These photos have been sent though by Muggs and daily over the next week we will have more images coming through. Below is the tour dates and cities. Stay tuned.

May 1st – 7th 2010

1st May – Pall Mall, London
1st May – Waterloopein, Amsterdam
2nd May – Tivoli, Copenhagen
3rd May – Cafe Opera, Stockholm
4th May -Downtown Crossing, Boston
5th May – Quebec City, Canada
6th May – Toronto, Canada
7th May – Times Sq, NYC

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