Wednesday, June 20, 2012

J. Wise - Gas no break (Mixtape)

J.Wise - Gas No Break (G.N.B.)

Here's the brand new mixtape project of homie J.Wise... If you don't know about this talented MC from Orlando - Flordia, you've to check some tracks from this 'Gas no Break' 

Enjoy ta muzik ! Cheers from Brussels ! 

Arnaud aka Evolution MS

Download & listen here:

 Download it here 2  

J.Wise Biography 

 There are many up and coming artists, but none compare to the skills or the talent of J Wise. Originally from Brooklyn,NY J Wise moved to Orlando, Fl at a young age. Out of all the artists you will hear throughout the year, it’s this man’s lyrical vibes that will have you hooked.This man is bound to draw attention. Although his commanding vocal presence demands immediate attention, listeners quickly learn that J Wise’s tough exterior is balanced with intelligence and an old soul. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, NY, J Wise was still a young child when tragedy struck his family, and he was forced to learn that the world is not always a pretty and kind place. After his older brother was shot in the head in the streets of Brooklyn, J’s parents relocated the family to Florida to get away from the criminal influence.

 “My parents didn’t want us growing up around that. We basically just moved from one ghetto to another.” Motivated by life experiences such as these and the desire to always gain knowledge, J Wise approaches his work in the studio with making a timeless soundtrack in mind. With musical influences ranging from Mozart, Nirvana, Sade, Two Steps from Hell to Jay Dilla, Biggie and Pac, it’s safe to say that J Wise has a musical understanding well beyond his years. While some may be quick to call this appreciation “wisdom”, according to J Wise true foresight comes from the lack of assumption: “The more you think you know, the more you know that you know nothing. There’s more behind it, but I’d rather let the people figure it out by listening to the music. Spoken like a true veteran of the streets, J Wise’s upcoming “Gas No Brakes” mix-tape will give his rapidly growing fan base plenty of surefire explanation.


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  1. Hot mixtape yall should definitely listen to Pursuit of Happiness


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