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Evolution MS - Reprezent! Mixtapes : 2010 business review


contact :

All the remixes - instrumentals - mixtapes - mixtapes covers ...

EVERYTHING I put my name is made 100% by myself... Arnaud Asselberghs for my real name.

Don't think I'm like some other DJ's who are investing in Graphic Designer - or in Beats & no more to pay to get some support to drop my 'quality' mixtapes with generaly few tracks from the same services who are promoted in honnest shit just like that... A simple thanx or a twitt about this good work done by the DJ ... But fortunally I got everyday more and more (good) friends, who help me spread the word about my mixtapes. Shouts to all my homies & supporters !

For real you can't imagine how much I appreciate every help - every support or simple positive feedback you deserved to my (hard) work ... Sorry also for those who think that I'm a spammer or a other kind of asshole who want to share bad music or other bad shits... If I contact you with one of my new tape, take it like a potenitial talented collaboration or also like someone who do his thing without any connexion with rap world except the few mails I echange with you when I promote my stuffs... I know some people are active in Europe in mixtapes game but I don't know who they are and if you know me and what I do today that 's probably more 'cause you like one of my song-remix or mixtape (or again mixtape cover) to remember me as not so bad sounding-looking so ...

All support - connexion - management - affiliation - production collab - tape hosting - remix making absolutely everything you want me to do it I'm ok to seriously try to do it the best as I can ... BE SURE OF THAT !



My artist name is Evolution MS... I started releasing music since 2006. At this time I was oriented like artists like Basement Jaxx or Chemical Brothers... During my first years I released as solo artist 2 LP and 2 EP but it was confidential but people from all accross the world give me positive feedback about my musical style (the most famous ithe positive review from BBC Talent team for 4 tracks of 'Lost City E.P.' ...).

In November 2009 I started new musical activity as mixtape DJ by joining Coast2Coast DJ's...Untill this time I involved myself 100% into american hip-hop music by promoting, remixing, artists from underground to the top...

A good oportunity to get connected with urban music industry (from artists, to djs, community, labels, management....). But I'm still looking to get on next step but to do it I really need management or joining big DJ's structure. But I'm so motivated about that and involved myself 24/7 to produce & release the best music I can than I'm pretty sure I'll do it ! (I believe in my music 200%) so ... Keep in touch if you want collaborate with me in a way or a other, you're welcome !





Reprezent! MIXTAPES 2009-2010 trends

1 Promotion / Distribution:

1.1 Mixtapes Website:





  • Mixtapes Factory

  • Mixconnect


  • Mixtape Pass

  • Get it right music

(websites in bold are used every time I drop tapes)

Official websites:

  • Evolution MS Blogspot

  • Twitter

  • Facebook (A group Reprezent! Mixtapes is coming)

  • MySpace

  • Soundcloud

  • You Tube

  • Reverbnation

  • Picasa (Portfolio as graphic designer)

Music Community :

  • DFW Clique

  • Darkage Ent

  • Twista

  • Hip Hop Resurection

  • Rap Central

  • Ultimate Rap League

  • Wedub Radio (Dancehall radio)

  • OLG Urban promotion

  • Beastmodenetwork

  • Bootlegers Made Me Famous

  • New West

  • Traps N Trunk

  • Supa DJ's

  • 40 Cal

  • Dream Big – Hustlehard

  • Nappy Boy

  • G-Unit Familly

  • Entalight Management

  • DJ Clue

  • Digitalplugg

  • Mota Hip Hop / Sucker Proof Dj's

  • Coast2Coast Community

  • Guddaville

  • SlipNSlide World

  • This Is 50

  • This is Game

  • Da Boot Camp (Louisinia Cash)

  • Justos Mixtapes Award

  • J.Wise

  • Hoodstars Radio

  • ICT Hip Hop

  • Buck London

  • Core DJ's

  • Street Connects DJ's

  • Wu Tang Management

  • St Louis Hip Hop

  • ATL Hustlers

  • Hip Hop Beef

  • West Coast Rydaz

  • Believe The Hype

  • Blip FM'

  • Last FM (as user & artist)

  • Greenhitz DJ's

  • M.O.G. Community

  • SOD Money Gang

  • USDA – Young Jeezy

  • Future Producers Forums

  • Ground Up Radio

  • Swag Swurvz Radio

  • Texas Take Over

  • BrickMedia

  • Mouce Trap

  • J.D. Global 14

  • Memphiz Rap

Other fact about my mixtapes after the Datpiff day (or if success maybe 3 days), find in google with EVOLUTION MS in ad of the name tape and additional these results with a second search with the tape name only... You'll get 2x more results with everytime re-upped new links on all the sharingservice you know (Hotfile – Fileserve – Depositfile – HulkShare – Filesonic - ...)

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