Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reprezent! Selection Free Streetalbum of the Day 2 June 2010

CHALIE BOY - The Grind Pays Off

Chalie Boy is back once again with his 2nd street album The Grind Pays Off, hosted by Atlanta, GA.’s mixtape giant DJ Scream... And if you don't know yet this hot MC from Texas, you'll like probably his great vocal style (mid crooner - mid soul + rap)... Personaly I like Chalie Boy just cause he sounds fresh in today hip-hop music industry... Too many rapers can's sing melodic part like Chalie Boy, so check this great second double cd released as Streetalbum and don't hesitate to spread ta word around you... ENJOY !



Disc 1 - Hosted by DJ Scream

01. 48 Bars
02. Meet My Mama (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
03. Legend (Produced by Bravestarr Productions)
04. The Way (Produced by CityStar Productions)
05. Relax
06. Talent (Produced by Fat Pimp & GI Productions)
07. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
08. Gone Fool (Produced by Red Prodigy)
09. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Chemistry
11. Take A Chance (Produced by Groundwork Productions)
12. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
13. 4 A.M. (Produced by Da New Kid)
14. Diva On Deck
15. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno) (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
16. Baby Makin’ Music (Produced by D-Nyce)
17. Money (Produced by Cracka Lack)
18. Crush

Disc 2 - Slowed-N-Chopped by DJ Luis

01. 48 Bars
02. Money
03. Diva On Deck
04. Talent
05. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
06. Legend
07. Relax
08. Meet My Mama
09. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Take A Chance
11. Baby Makin’ Music
12. 4 A.M.
13. Chemistry
14. Crush
15. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
16. The Way
17. Gone Fool
18. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno)

Preview this double cd streetalbum here:

Direct download link:



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