Tuesday, January 12, 2010

REPREZENT! VOLUME 3 (JANUARY 2010) Version 2.0

Evolution MS present Reprezent! Volume 3 (January 2010) Version 2.0

A lifetime of a mixtape is specialy short, so that's why I decide to re-released the third volume of Reprezent! but in a version 2.0 interesting as well than the version 1.0 released two week before... Some new track are present on this mixtape like a crazy remix of Chrystal Method, Snoop Dog, KRS ONE, ... Other good point for this vesion 2.0 is maybe the small size, only 67 mb... Direct link to mediafire folder will be updated asap... Share my music if you like it, if you want to collaborate, want I remix you or your artist in a future edition of Reprezent! Mixtapes Serie, or other idea, suggestion comments (bad-good), support, beef, ... I ask your reaction, I want feedback about my shit so thanx in advance for that !!!




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